to the skiing and hot spring to

s, Huairou's lack of winter to

nd ▓will be a fully sealed, large-scale ecological park. With the water drawn in, the park▓ will feature the landscapes of waterside towns in south?/p> urist resour


ces restricts it

s potential as a tourism desti

坋rn China. When the park is completed, it will supplement▓ Huairou's winter tourist resources. In addition, Hua▓irou will also successively launch many unique tourist festival activities such as the Yanqi Lake Kite Party,


In 201▓0, Huairou wil

l accelerate the construction of t

the Rainbow Trout Gourmet Festival and the Goose and Duck Rural Villa Special Concert on the holidays of Tomb-Sweeping▓ Day, Labor Day and National Day. Huairou will also actively compete to hold Beijing's first "Rural Tourist ▓Festival" activity an

he key

tourist projects,

including the "Journey to t

d try to realize the goal of having a c▓omprehensive tourist income of 1.6 billion yuan and rec▓eiving 12.8 million tourists. In the for▓um, 21 tourism companies obt

he ▓Wes

t" theme park, the

May 28, 2048 "A Dream

of Red Mansions" cultural park and the

ained a total of 700,000 yuan▓ in financial support. Among them, five scenic ▓spots, including the Lakeside Great Wall and the Mysterious Pool o

May 14, 2048 "Big Cheerf

ul World." The rep▓orter learned that the "

f Deep Valley, obtained 50,000 yuan in reconstruction funds each. Five rural tourist enterprise representatives including the Mutian

Big Chee

rful Wor▓ld" will be

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